Debate: Content vs Sound. Which do you prefer?

Posted on December 2, 2011


Welcome to the first debate on my blog!

Being a singer/songwriter myself, I am always analysing the music I hear around me, for both professional and comparative reasons. When I say ‘professional’, I mean analysing how good the productions is, how good the lyrical content is etc., and the ‘comparative’ is aimed at comparing that particular song to one of mine. When it comes to music, my first love is always going to be writing and lyrics. I’m a strong believer in the notion that great lyrical content makes a great song, whereas the backing track, however great it may be, can only propel it to be a nice ‘sound’. ‘Sound’ doesn’t allow the listener to form a connection, a meaningful relationship with a song, lyrics can. I feel they have the ability to evoke past and present memories, experiences and emotions that allow the listener to relate to what they are hearing, which then brings them closer to it!

However, these are only my thoughts and as a developing songwriter myself I would love to know what others think! So please vote in the poll below and feel free to leave a comment too!

Looking forward to seeing what you guys think!!


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