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Debate: Content vs Sound. Which do you prefer?

December 2, 2011


Welcome to the first debate on my blog! Being a singer/songwriter myself, I am always analysing the music I hear around me, for both professional and comparative reasons. When I say ‘professional’, I mean analysing how good the productions is, how good the lyrical content is etc., and the ‘comparative’ is aimed at comparing that […]

My Story. History.

December 1, 2011


VJ Sanghvi \ V·J Sangh·vi \ noun; –     Contemporary musician (singer/songwriter) based in London U.K. –     Full name Vijay .N. Sanghvi, he was born on 7th August 1988 in the Khartoum, Sudan, a country in the north east of Africa, he is the younger of two boys in his family. Having lived in Sudan for […]

Blog Check 1,2,1,2 … VSM

November 30, 2011


Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening ladies and gentlemen!! Welcome to the very first post on my personal blog!! Let me just get straight into this. You’re probably wondering who I am and what the hell this blog is about!! Well, I go by the name of VJ Sanghvi and I’m a singer/songwriter from north […]